About Wise-Tech


Wise Tech Ltd. provides you with highly specialized test and measurement equipment to achieve best accuracy for a wide range of complex systems including wireless, communications, avionics, military, environmental industry, research and development, and advanced manufacturing markets.


Our expertise lies in our ability to introduce to you advanced test solutions available on the market today, that are best suited to your application.


We represent leading suppliers in the test measurement industry and are very knowledgeable about the products we sell. Our service commitment includes technical support and consultations as well as on-site service support.


Here are some of the brands we represents Vendors


Our affiliated company, Everest Technology, can provide full turn-key solutions integrating hardware and software to suit any application.


We bring with us many years of experience in the test and measurement industry. Wise Tech Ltd. was founded in 2006 by Yossi Tzadik who has over the years established strong partnerships in leading Israeli high-tech and military sectors and has been very successful in promoting cutting-edge products from the industries top suppliers.